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Photography is a very personal thing to me.

I don’t see it as a separate entity or a ‘job’ and I wanted my logo to reflect that. Rather than choosing something pretty or a nice motif, I wanted to create something truly authentic, something that really represented me.

An ensō is a Zen Buddhism symbol which can be interpreted in different ways. It can mean so many things: enlightenment, our connection to nature, strength, infinity, nothingness, fullness, the beginning and ending of all things. The English translation of this word is simply “circle”.

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To create your own ensō, you begin your circle, working clockwise in one single exhale, and continue round in one or two brushstrokes only. It is that breath, that moment in time, that is before you on the paper and however it looks, it is perfect. It represents you.

Hiring a logo designer wasn’t going to work for this, so I ordered my brush and ink and took a deep breath instead.

Our intrinsic connection to nature; its beauty and its fragility in every moment, is everything.

Love, tears, happiness: all of the emotions that make us human and make us perfect, all of those fleeting moments we look back on, are the reason I love taking photographs.







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