A look back at 2018 | Siobhan H wedding photography

2018 has been an exciting year for me, and I’ve had a lovely couple of weeks to relax, and look back on it with pride. It was a fairly epic start; back in January I won a big award for my event photography which was pretty amazing and unexpected, and that side of my business has been a big focus throughout the year. I love capturing events as they have a lot of the same characteristics as weddings: fast-moving, documenting all those little (and big) moments, thinking on your feet and quickly finding solutions to whatever challenges are thrown your way (tricky lighting, bad weather, impromptu group shots, etc). So I have been really developing my skills in those areas this year. I’ve also been lucky enough to photograph some amazing weddings which I look back on with complete joy. I know I’m just there to take the pictures but I always end up making a real connection with my couples, and it fills me with happiness when they love their images as much as I do. Weather-wise, my camera and I have handled scorching heatwaves, epic thunderstorms, and driving rain amongst other things and we have conquered them! Here are a few highlights from some of the weddings I was lucky enough to capture this year. Looking forward to 2019 and doing it all over again!


Happy New Year everyone!



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